Dec 3, 2006

The one you were waiting for

Johnny Nuts is a magnanimous, pragmatic and an expert philanderer. Seriously considered as the true successor of James Bond (Alas for the fact that he is not a native of his Majesty’s Kingdom!), he is the ultimate aspiration of every teen (and forty year old virgins). He is a legend among the usual clientele of Pete’s Bar as having been the only one to challenge the Tippling Master T. in a 3 hour duel and coming out victorious. Looked upon as the “Casanova” of the 21st century, gorgeous babes across the universe are waiting to enter his pants (although they are unaware of this fact) but only the lucky ones get this supreme privilege (All hot babes out there wanting to add their names to the list of “Girls waiting to enter Johnny’s Pants” can send their CVs and vital statistics to

The last ninja on earth, he is also titled as the GrandMaster of Contra Arcade Game and the Greatest fan of the Rambo Trilogy. The attack on Iraq would have been a sure success had he been at the head of the American army. Often considered as artsy but honored everywhere as having a truly critical and “charming” character, his most famous contribution to mankind remains the creation of this blog.

To sum it all, Johnny Nuts can be described in four words, 5 syllables and an exclamation mark:

Johnny Nuts Kicks Ass!


Yan Sniim said...

lol... Great Article! This made me really laugh!