Dec 10, 2006

From Fantasy To Reality

Ever wondered how your dream girl ever look after a night filled with carnal pleasures. Well, the following pictures from ass aficionado is clear proof that what you see is not always what you get!

Hot supermodel Rocio Guirao Diaz in a photo shoot, through Adobe Photoshop CS2, onto your desktop screen.

Even granpa will spring a boner on seein this pic!

Hot supermodel Rocio Guirao Diaz after a bang-bang night session.

Signs confirming my hypothesis that this chick reveled in a complete layage package the night preceding this photo shoot.

  • slutty looks (No mistaking that one.)
  • flushed cheeks (huh.. This is a reference to the "cheeks" of the face! )
  • disheveled hairs
  • glowing lips without the usual morning makeup
  • hair and skin colour change
  • untanned line mark (a side effect of the "after-sex body colour change")
  • bra knot on the point of becoming undone
  • pink lingerie
  • background yellow chair (bondage occurences.)
And now the final sign that make the above hypothesis a definite fact:
  • mysterious appearance of a spider tattoo just above the butt


Don Yuan said...

Gr8 post and Nice ass! :D Love your blog!